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The car shopping world is often seen as fast-paced, which leaves many Milford shoppers stressed and scrambling as they search for their perfect vehicle. Buying a car doesn’t have to be stressful or a full-time job— not with us at Hines Park Ford! Our team offers a unique solution that makes the process more efficient to ensure you receive the best deal possible on your used vehicle. How is that?

Through Models of the Month, of course! This innovative approach by the team at Hines Park Ford showcases a curated selection of our top-quality used vehicles every month! You don’t have to look far either—they’re at the intersection of affordability and convenience. The models found in this curated inventory represent exceptional value and appeal to our wide range of customers. 

Benefits Of Buying A Used Vehicle

There are many reasons why South Lyon and New Hudson shoppers opt for a quality used vehicle. Not only will you save money on your car, but you will also enjoy a smoother and more enjoyable vehicle ownership experience. You’d be amazed at the number of benefits of purchasing a used vehicle with us as Hines Park Ford:

  • Used vehicles have a much lower starting price compared to newer models
  • Pre-owned cars don’t depreciate in value as quickly as new cars 
  • You can still get similar warranty coverage on used models
  • Lower-mileage used cars allow drivers to get into newer models for less

What To Look For When Buying A Used Vehicle

Shopping for a used vehicle can be a lot for some Novi drivers, but when you visit our New Hudson dealership, we work hard to help alleviate that stress. Before stopping by, there are things to look for to ensure you’re not signing up for costly repairs in the future. So, what should you look for? 

  • Vehicle History Report — This shows the vehicle’s complete history so you know the previous owner kept up with routine maintenance and service. This report is vital in ensuring your vehicle is safe and performing at its best.
  • Exterior Inspection — Depending on the age of the vehicle, check the exterior for any signs of rust. Any gaps between the body panels could indicate a previous accident. Check to ensure there are no cracks or chips in the windows. 
  • Mileage — The mileage can make or break a sale. While many shoppers may not want a vehicle with high mileage—though a well-cared-for and high-mileage vehicle can still be an excellent purchase—you want to ensure it was driven regularly because neglected vehicles can hide significant issues. 
  • During the Test Drive — Your test drive allows you to see how the vehicle handles on the roads, but there are things to look out for. Is it making any odd noises? Is it shaking? Pay attention to the steering wheel to help get a sense of how the vehicle handles.

While you’re visiting us for your next vehicle, don’t hesitate to ask us any questions. We’ll provide you with the information about the car so you can rest assured that you’re buying a quality vehicle that’s safe and ready for the road ahead.

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Buying a used vehicle has many benefits, and we’re here to guide you through the process and answer your questions. Are you ready to explore your options? Call us today! You can also fill out our online loan application to get pre-approved for financing in minutes right at home. Car buying has never been easier than with us at Hines Park Ford!

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