Collision Repair Process

  1. When your vehicle is dropped off, we create a repair order with all of the important information we need to start the repair process. This includes your ownership, insurance and vehicle information. We also ask you how often you would like to be updated so that we keep you as informed as you want to be.
  2. Depending on which insurance company you are with we either schedule their appraiser to write the estimate or create it ourselves and send it to your insurance company electronically.
  3. Once we have verification of coverage your vehicle is brought into the shop for initial teardown. The technician verifies the parts necessary and looks for any unseen or additional damage to the vehicle which would require extra parts or labor.
  4. With approval of the final estimate, our parts professionals find the parts necessary to repair your vehicle either from our extensive parts inventory or by special ordering the parts. During this time we continue to work on your car and do any structural repairs so the vehicle is ready once all of the parts arrive.
  5. Once any ordered parts arrive, the vehicle is ready for reassembly. The replacement parts are installed and properly fitted to the vehicle. Depending on the repair some parts will not be reinstalled until after the paint process is completed.
  6. The vehicle is prepped for paintwork. The repaired areas are primed and sanded in preparation for the finish coats of paint.
  7. Once in our double downdraft paint booth paint is custom mixed by computer to match your vehicle. Basecoat color and final clearcoats are applied in this environment which is designed to minimize dirt in the paint and allow our painters the perfect temperature and humidity levels for the best paint application.
  8. Once through the in-booth drying process, your vehicle will return to the technician for final assembly where trim and any other components are installed.
  9. Once complete your vehicle is cleaned for delivery and inspected by our managers. Soon you will get the call that your vehicle is ready for pick up.

Collision Center

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