Every customer should know this before filing an insurance claim for collision repair:

Direct Repair Providers, also known as DRPs or network repair providers, are collision centers that have an agreement with the insurance companies to provide services at predetermined rates. Over the last decade insurance companies have used increasing amounts of pressure to steer repairs to their DRPs in an effort to save money on repairs. The issue has become important enough that most states now have anti-steering laws to protect the customer's right to choose their own service provider.

Even though steering is illegal a number of questionable practices are still used by some insurance companies. Some insurance providers will try to steer customers by stating that the wait for appraisers will be quite long, that the insurance company may not pay for the total costs of repair or they will not warranty the collision center's work. Here are some important facts to know:

  • You have a right to choose the Collision Center that will repair your vehicle.
  • We work with all insurance companies to ensure that your vehicle is repaired properly, using quality parts at a fair price.
  • We guarantee the workmanship of our repairs as long as you own your vehicle.