The Importance of Replacing Windshield Wiper Blades

Like so many little things in life, the windshield wiper blade is often taken for granted. This common component of every vehicle doesn't cost much and is easy to replace, but when neglected, it can create incredibly dangerous driving conditions.

The obvious wear and tear from rubbing back and forth against your vehicle's windshield is not the only cause of deterioration. 

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Servicing Your Muffler

There are a number of different areas of your vehicle that should be routinely serviced as a way to protect your vehicle and keep it running efficiently. For example, your muffler is one of these areas. Responsible for muffling the sounds of your engine as it runs, your muffler also contributes to the backpressure of your engine. 

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2018 Ford Edge Boasts Best of Both Worlds

The 2018 Ford Edge has been well-designed to offer you the ultimate driving experience. The attractive body style has sleek, clean lines and pairs well with a stylish interior capable of seating five comfortably. With a starting price of $29,200, the 2018 Edge is all about providing drivers with enhanced safety, comfort and technology features.

The new Ford Edge is available in four trims – SE, SEL, Titanium and Sport – and comes equipped with standard features such as Intelligent Access with push-start button and an illuminated entry system. 

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Why Should You Consider the 2018 Ford Focus SEL?

Here at Hines Park Ford Inc, we know that there are multiple reasons why our New Hudson, MI neighbors enjoy the 2018 Ford Focus SEL. The new Focus SEL is one of the best vehicles to consider if you have a long commute but want to make sure that you're saving on gas. The car also has airbags that deploy on the front and sides, as well as seatbelts that adjust to fit your height. You can also take advantage of appealing amenities like heated front seats and the SYNC entertainment system, which uses touchscreen and voice recognition to…

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Do You Really Need to Change Your Oil Every 3,000 Miles?

It really all depends on who you ask. It certainly does not hurt to be vigilant about changing your oil regularly. Having the oil changed at that rate certainly goes out of the way to ensure that the points and pistons are regularly fed with new oil. Over time, oil can break down, and when that happens, it causes harm to the inner workings of the motor which can be very disastrous.

These days though engines are so more advanced that one can go in some cases in upwards of 10,000 miles before they have to change the oil…

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Winter Wiper Blades Solve Your Visibility Problems

The last thing you probably want to have is poor visibility during a drive in winter. Well, regular wiper blades are bound to give you just that. On most occasions, the wiper blades fail to touch the windshield as they attempt to wipe it. The result is a trail of streaks that probably end up disgusting you. That is because the regular wiper blades are not cut out for the winter.

The regular wiper blades are a made of rubber that is bound to get stiff when subjected to the cold of winter. The rubber also gets brittle soon or…

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