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Winter Wiper Blades Solve Your Visibility Problems

The last thing you probably want to have is poor visibility during a drive in winter. Well, regular wiper blades are bound to give you just that. On most occasions, the wiper blades fail to touch the windshield as they attempt to wipe it. The result is a trail of streaks that probably end up disgusting you. That is because the regular wiper blades are not cut out for the winter.

The regular wiper blades are a made of rubber that is bound to get stiff when subjected to the cold of winter. The rubber also gets brittle soon or…

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Standard Features List Expands For the 2018 Ford Mustang

At this year’s Detroit Auto Show, Ford gave us our first look at the redesigned 2018 Mustang. With an upgraded design—led by a lower nose and more aggressive headlights—expanded features list, and tweaked suspension, it looks like it’ll be gobs of fun on road or track. But the real ticket are the numerous standard features that were once mere “options.”

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Ford Expands the 2018 F-150’s Unique Characteristics

While the current model looks imposing and capable enough, the 2018 Ford F-150 won’t just dial that up with seven new grille designs, but make them unique based on trim. Add on six different wheel designs, more options, and the already-impressive list of class-leading and exclusive capability and tech, and it seems that America’s favorite half-ton truck will have more to offer than ever.

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Your Car Lease is Almost Up--Now What?

All good things must come to an end--that's right, even your car lease. But, while this may seem at first to be the end of an era--just think of all the good times you two have had together over the past few years--with every ending comes a new beginning.

You actually have more options than you might expect when your lease is up: three to be precise. Take a look at the video embedded below to discover what choices you have, and how to get the ball rolling.

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