Going on the Road with Your Beloved Pup? Here are Some Tips!

At Hines Park Ford, we know there are many drivers who consider their dog a member of the family. Even some folks from our team would fall into that category! That is why we wanted to share some tips from Katelin Thomas, a Canine Behavior Specialist, on how you can travel with your furry friend in your new Ford!

As expressed in the video, there are many things you ought to keep in mind when planning to take a journey with your pup. For instance, you want to make sure that your dog is wearing its collar or proper identification at all times. Bringing water and a drinking dish is also a necessity so you can keep your canine companion hydrated. It is always a good idea to exercise your dog before embarking on the trip too because it can effectively reduce the likelihood of hyperactivity. If your dog experiences anxiety, then playing classical music or spraying pheromones are known to have a soothing effect.

These are just some of the tips brought to you by Dog Aide, Katelin Thomas! No doubt, this will make the adventure on the road more enjoyable not just for you but your much-loved dog as well.

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