Winter Wiper Blades Solve Your Visibility Problems

The last thing you probably want to have is poor visibility during a drive in winter. Well, regular wiper blades are bound to give you just that. On most occasions, the wiper blades fail to touch the windshield as they attempt to wipe it. The result is a trail of streaks that probably end up disgusting you. That is because the regular wiper blades are not cut out for the winter.

The regular wiper blades are a made of rubber that is bound to get stiff when subjected to the cold of winter. The rubber also gets brittle soon or later and becomes susceptible to tear. The regular blades’ metal framework gets clogged up and becomes unable to flex. Also, they cannot stand the weight of snow and ice without bending.

At Hines Park Ford Inc, we help you to determine the correct type of windshield wiper blades especially those fit for the winter season. Always remember that not all windshield wipers are meant for your car. Stop in and learn more at 46558 Pontiac Trail today!

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