Fuel Your Fuel Economy

Considering this to be conventional wisdom no one wants to spend money they do not have to. With that being said, people also do not want to use gas when they do not have to. Yet, many of our habits and mannerism cause us to senselessly waste gas and ultimately have poor fuel economy.For example, aggressive driving drains gas mileage. Studies indicate aggressive driving may lower your gas mileage as much as 40 percent. That is insane.

When you drive effectively, you can save as much as ninety-seven cents per gallon. It is a win-win situation. When you drive safely, you are saving gas and your life! Another way to save gas is to avoid adding weight to your vehicle. In particular, do not add weight to your car’s roof. Doing so will decrease the fuel economy by as much as 25 percent. It is not a good idea.
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