The 2017 Super Duty: The Truck You'll Never Want to Leave

The 2017 Ford Super Duty brings all of the comfort of your home onto the road with you. It actually takes the comfort of home up another level, and you may find yourself wanting to go for a drive more than you normally would. There's plenty of head space and leg room to make any drive, long or short, feel comfortable and spacious. That cramped feeling of being in the car all day long just goes right on out of the window along with all of the other pains of being too confined for too long.

The cozy contoured seats have an active motion massage feature that long haul drivers will definitely love to sink back into during those trips that cover many miles. Discover more features of the interior of the 2017 Super Duty by watching the video in this post. You can get in on the action for yourself by visiting the Ford dealership nearest you and taking one for a spin. Check out the new Super Duty for yourself. Visit Hines Park Ford Inc. today.

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