The Aluminum-Clad 2017 Ford Super Duty: Cuz No One Wants a White Knuckle Towing Experience

While the Ford Super Duty line has always had mind-blowing brawn, and the kind of innovations that have kept it at the forefront of America's proverbial "pickup truck arms race," the 2017 model coming to dealers soon is going to be smarter and tougher than ever. Part of that is the application of military-grade aluminum.

Chances are you've heard the word "aluminum" touted quite a bit in recent years, as the F-150 line also uses this material in its construction. But in both instances, it's not just that. With a lighter-weight high-strength steel box frame, the Super Duty is quite a bit lighter without sacrificing any of the toughness that makes the brand. In the video above, you'll see actual Ford workers trying out the weight of the components against the current gen truck, and even getting to try their hand behind the wheel.

Jealous as we are of those employees, we're but a few short months away from its launch at our New Hudson, MI dealership. Contact us at your convenience to learn more about our current lineup of new Ford pickups.

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